Nomads Life

Last christmas I have got a nice gift from my Girlfriend, the book „Nomad“by Jeroen Toirkens. Really nice works and impressions! A journey to a other life. A little bit more „back to the roots“….. I like black/white photos, they have a great, once atmosphere. Jeroen Toirkens is the photographer from this PhotostoryProject. His Journey took him to  remote regions in  North Europe, Asia and North America. The portraits in this book fascinate me and I decide some impressions by jeroen to integrate in my works. For few weeks I paint a colored style with a portrait of Bat. One of the leaders of the Dukkha in East Taiga. Its a tribute to him and his family. He passed away for few years but I doesn´t know that when I painting the portrait. Jeroen told/wrote me later. But I hope its a good thing and it is in the mind of the dukkha to remember members of her group/family. Don´t forget traditions and give it from generation to generation. I think the life as a nomad is hard but sometimes simplier as in the western society. May be its not the same how thousand years ago but still „realer“ and closer to nature. Here in Germany the fast life goes faster and faster…its good? Does anybody think about this question? Think about…. Best wishes to Jeroen, Bat´s family and the Dukkha Nomads … the conscious life is the way!