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There is no Interview

think about me what you want and if you know something about me let´s talk together!

Most people think  “Graffiti …that’s bullshit. Stop ruining our walls!“

For me, it is the coolest art form today.
It is so different, so fast, so colourful, so powerful.
It’s the language of the street. Letters are the basis of this language.
The street and graffiti are inseparable!

Once infected, forever infected.
To me, graffiti means everything that can be done with  cans, markers, pencils, spools, styles, tags, characters, photorealistics
and also combinations with other media. Everything is possible.
There are no limits.

The most important for me is that I love doing it and it is fun.
It´s not about money.
I am doing it because I feel like I have to do it.
It is hard to describe.