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Most people think  “Graffiti …that’s bullshit. Stop ruining our walls!“

For me, it is the coolest art form today.
It is so different, so fast, so colourful, so powerful.
It’s the language of the street. Letters are the basis of this language.
The street and graffiti are inseparable!

Once infected, forever infected.
To me, graffiti means everything that can be done with  cans, markers, pencils, spools, styles, tags, characters, photorealistics
and also combinations with other media. Everything is possible.
There are no limits.

The most important for me is that I love doing it and it is fun.
It´s not about money.
I am doing it because I feel like I have to do it.
It is hard to describe.

Hey, Mr Kaku – nice to meet you.
What´s up, man?
I see you have a mohawk like a punk, pink socks and colour on your hands…crazy outfit. Is this your typical way to dress?

Erm yes, I wear these socks every day (laughing)… every day (laughing again and the interview starts 3 minutes later).
And the mohawk – I am styling my hair like this when I feel like it.
Today, it is coincidence. In my heart, I feel like a punk and a child, this way it is easier to endure life for me (smiling).

Ok, let‘s talk about some  more important things.
Can you tell me what your artist name means?
Does it have any meaning?
It sounds like a Japanese martial arts scream.

To me, it means an inner power or an engine which never stops.
The name is a part of me, gives me inspiration and stands for the search of perfection and new ways. And yes, it sounds like an Asian martial arts scream (smiling). Actually, it is a free fictional combination of letters and a modification of my MC name Kakutti.
Which shortened to kaku or kaku84 over time.
Once Kaku always KAKU.

Okay. Currently you live here in Leipzig, Germany.
Were you been born here?
And tell me a little about the good and the bad sides of Leipzig.

The good and the bad. The angel and the devil.
Hm, that is difficult (smiling). I was not born in Leipzig, I was born in Saalfeld/Saale in 1984. Leipzig has been my home of choice for the last 2 years.
I´m a roamer, a wanderer  searching for my real home, a place where I want to stay longer. However, I think my definition of home changes from time to time.
Sometimes it is only a moment and sometimes it is a town/house/apartment.
In Leipzig, many people do graffiti…very often, and in very different ways.
That inspires me, to have a higher output too. When I see other art work, it makes me also want to start painting a wall, but not to start a fight or to get famous. Primarily, I paint because I love it. I love colours, coloured walls with clear styles and good concepts. 
There are some good, unique styles in town – artists who do great jobs. Unfortunately, some people only do graffiti and art to become famous.
They paint a higher quantity of walls but only do few in good quality.
Always the same shit. That is a little sad. Everyone has his/her own interpretation what graffiti is and how it is. That is the way it is. The letters should be alive – forms, swings and corners should evolve over time. You must create your own letters, which takes some practice of course.

You said that most graffiti artists care more about quantity than quality, but don’t you think it is important for a graffiti artist to have a good output and show as many pieces and styles as possible on walls in this ever-faster world?

I think that graffiti, street-art and other forms of art should not get involved in this. I want my work to be authentic and to represent me. However, developing a unique style is a long process and takes a lot of time. Not hours, not days, not weeks and months – many, many years. To have a unique idea and bring it to life really well. That’s it. Life’s getting faster and faster and will ultimately lead to the collapse of society, but no one seems to notice. This is really sad! Photos are what remains from  coloured walls, pieces, trains and so on. Everything is transient and fast, but no one can tell you to live like this. I am against this speed. Maybe transience is a part of life…all comes and goes. Samsara.

Tell me about your first contact with graffiti in five words!

Oh….5 words—in 5 minutes or what? I must think about that shortly. Five words are not enough. Here are five words (laughing). Late 90s, skatepark, TATSHone, police, ravenblack.


He´s a good friend.
We used to skate together and he inspired me to start painting.
Today he is an excellent artist with cool ideas and clean work. Good man.

Let´s talk about your art, Kaku.
How do you describe your graffiti?

My graffiti is imperfect, the style is simple without much bling and wildstyle influence. My graffiti is about the creation of my own letters, that’s it. But I am still a beginner. I paint many walls together with my girlfriend. She actually started painting because of me. That’s cool. It is not about the perfect wall. For us it is important to have a good time. The output is improving step by step. Portraits are my big affinity. I love to depict people and show the emotions from different faces. That is what I specialize in. A good wall for me is the combination of my style and a character. Currently, I mostly use black and white for my portraits. I really like the atmosphere and the contrasts that can be reached with black and white. I sometimes also use other media like markers or acryl on paper or canvas. This is of course not like graffiti with cans, but it gives me some practice.

Do you think that your style is unique?

Not quite yet. I would love to develop a unique style sometime, but this is not easy to achieve. However, I am working on it every day when I am creative and one day I will say: Here it is, the unique master KAKU style. Some days are better and some are worse. The process and ups and downs are important and reflect life (smile). To love it and enjoy what you do is what it is all about. To find the one detail, the one idea which makes my work unique – a kaku´s work – that is what keeps me going. A good artist creates something distinctive and this takes a while. You cannot force it, but someday it will be there…I think.

I understand what you mean, I think. A good photographer also needs a long time and must shoot thousands of photos to make the perfect one.

Yes of course…to take photos is also a form of art.

Let´s do a little game.
I start a sentence and you finish it.

Sounds like fun, let’s start.

I am cast on a secluded island without walls….but I paint a nice portrait into the sand.

I wake up naked in Leipzig….and first go to the next bakery shop to get a coffee or if it is earlier in the morning, I go back to sleep.

A nice girl is….very nervous because in one minute I start to paint a portrait of her.

The world would be better….with more LOVE and less jealousy and weapons.

Make love, not war. True words. How do you think about what is currently going on in politics and the universe?

To go into detail would go beyond the scope. The injustice in the world is too big. The politicians are puppets of the economy. And the economy plays a game in which at the end we all lose. Because it is a big global game at the expense of the environment. Everyone must do what they can to make the world a little bit better. Revolution starts with you. To lead a conscious life, to think about what you really need and to try to reduce waste and everything that is unnecessary, that is what it is all about. To respect each other is important, too…. sometimes everything begins with a small smile.

Let’s hope so! What do you plan to do in the future?

In the future I want to paint bigger walls. I want to have a nice time with my girlfriend, my daughter and my friends. I want to travel around the world and become 100 years old (smiling). In 2018 I want to host a solo exhibition in Leipzig. Basically, I want to be happy, save the world and find my true self.