Stilbruch@Teufelsberg Berlin

bbrrrrr….Knattterrrrrrrr…bbbrrrrrr. the sound to spray. The Sound of the „Notstromer“. Oh man. We arrived Berlin at the afternoon. „Your“ and I checked in and says hello here we are. Our place to rock was a few meters away from the lovely „Notstromer“ and his brother „der motorisierte Lastenkran“. Uggly sounds and diesel smells. A very mental Thriller. Shit happens. In the next floor the high society want to make a „party“ at the evening. Not good timing. No matter. At the first day „your“ makes the backround and we can make some first lines before the light goes down. One day later „Cany Cartoon“ came to us and the team for this wall was complete. After 5 hours the wall was finished. „Cany“ and „Your“ work very quickly. And I..ääähh… ok my character was a little bit smaller and we finished nearly together 😉 .



Big thanks to the Stilbruch-Team.

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peace out kaku