We doesn´t know…

…about life. We go to the supermarket and buy our food without think about how and where grown the vegetable or fruits. What must we do for our daily meals here in the consume society? really nearly nothing!…. Electricity is normal here in europe. But without electricity,honestly many many people get a collapse when your smartphoneakku is down …aaahhh. A life without smartphone? Terrible illusion for so many. We humans remove us more and more out of nature. Cities grown bigger and faster and anybody does questioning is this good, is this the life, the real life? Is that all?Ok many things in the modern world have there virtues and I does use anything of them also. But I think some changes and progress are waste and stupid.When we move so fast how today here in the modern world the future will be …..sad. The photographer,Jeroen Toirkens released a book „Nomad“. A impressed Photobook with great impressions  from regions far away of „big city life“. Regions where humans live with less as we know here to need to life. Many photos in this book have me fascinate and stimulated to think…. we need no faster progress, turbo capitalism and more waste. Somtetimes we need silence———and a little bit more respect and consciousness ….together….about what LIFE really is.


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