good days on a isle

…friday afternoon. job is out. weekend. The trip starts to travel by train and the last twenty kilometers go by bike. On a unknown island in the near of little village outta space. my neighbors asked me few weeks ago „Are you interested to spray a wall on a little festival?“ „Yeah, why not“ I answered. Best decision ever. After this weekend I was flashed till today. It was a great time there. So much love, respect and creative power makes me happy and gives a good feeling to what I do… Thanks a lot to all the people to make possible this great festival.

At  the last day Raffael, a hoopdancer from Leipzig, asked me if its possible to make a video before my painted wall. His idea was to solve Rubik’s magic cube during his hoop dance. What a coincidence. Two artists. . . . . one subject. Here is the result :

Greez and Thanks goes out to : my Neighbors, Raffael,Franzi for the pic and all the „grethen“ …


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give respect,reflect yourself …stupids in the society—-shut up

peace out