with my brother from switzerland

two weeks ago visited me my brother from the another mother outta switzerland. The weather was good and we decided to paint a wall here in the east of Leipzig.The „Rabet“ Wall. A Freestyle Concept…I would to paint a character and a style too. The choose for the portrait was create a little bit earlier. Team Avantgarde, an authentic real rap duo outta Berlin has made a very deep track on her album „Erwartungen“ about two Jazz legends where they talk about the live from Chet Baker and Charlie Parker. This track and  the album flashed me and after them I heared some original tracks of this guys. Really good music for sketch and chill sessions. Sumo painted the character on the left part of the wall  and in the middle my brother Ink and the right part me with the memory portrait and a trash style. Sumo,Ink and Me has  a nice afternoon.good times.yeah. Hope you come back to me.peace my bro.

Respect and Greez to Team A.

check if you want: https://editent.bandcamp.com/album/team-avantgarde-erwartungen

peace kaKu