Uruguay Trip

…“mucho calor(ché)“ …says the taxi driver and show with his finger to the sky, „si si senior…“ I nodded my head.Today: Sightseeing and in the afternoon a happy little wall painting 🙂 . And of course in South America is summer at the end of the december and in january. We started at december the 30th in Leipzig at 5º and in Montevideo it was 30º or sometimes more. It was my first long trip over the „big water“ and for me a dream came true. Four years ago Sumo and I met Ronik, a good guy from Bavaria, on the nice „Each One Teach One Jam“ in Regensburg and he told us that he fly every winter to Uruguay and paint there and has a chilled time. That had sounds good.  One or two years later the time had come. Wow…a trip to Uruguay. A big thanks goes out to Ronik!!! Our personally trip leader 😉 , a translater, a car checker, a wall checker the hostelconnection, the Punta del Diablo las Flores connection or whatever. He knows many people and places and he speaks perfect spanish! Great help, thanks man! The first two days we arrived and chilled… we go to the beach, through the streets of Montevideo and had a relaxed Silvesternight. A colorful City with different architecture, many busses and a different beat, some streets are quiet and „normal“ and two streets down loud and lifely, colored and full of people. I mean it´s a other vibe as in europe. There are also shopping mals and fastfood but is not the same as in europe. It´s smaller and not „fast living“ style. The most people seem happier although they have less. Of course one must not forget that there are also many people who have nothing at all and live on the streets…big city life(problem)… In the next days we met us with Ronik and his girlfriend Iria, checked some cans to paint two or three little walls in Montevideo. Cans are costs double so much as in Germany. There are no official legal walls in Uruguay. You goes through the streets and find some spots and than you must ask, or find the owner of the house/shop/wall…in spanish please…logic…ähm…Ronikkkkkk!!! The first spot that we finded goes right! Fine! The first lines 13 000km away from home! A great feeling! The next days we sleeped in the Contraluz Art Hostel, A hostel by Ana and Raffa…friends by Ronik. In the evening we start ed to paint a next wall opposite the hostel. A lot of fun. Yeah. At the weekend we had the possibility to paint in Las Flores on the Coast 1,5h nordly away from Montevideo. Nice peoples we met there and we paint two days  a underwater wall 100m away from the beach. We have making some jokes, cooked together and I was ill (two days).We had good weather and but also much rain in the secound night. Too much for our tent 🙁 After this weekend we start back to Montevideo for two days. We chilled, make some sightseeing, we looked a photomuseum and the oldtown. Driven with the cool taxi driver to a nice park with amazing plants and paint in the afternoon. In the evening we saw a candombe drummer and dancer group in the streets. What a beat!!! The next days we goes with Ronik and Iria to Punta del Diablo in the north of Uruguay. A friend by Ronik have there a „Ranjo“ a small hut directly on the beach. A paradies place. A small surfer village with nice waves , good vibes and little cultural music festival at this weekend. We had a lot of fun, paint a wall, go swim, had sunburn 😉 and had a good time. simple life, good life. And now??? Two days untill our return flight. We stayed the last night in Pinar by Iria´s homeplace and at the next day we returned back to europe. A queer feeling after the last days.


Many and lovely thanks/greez goes out to all the cool people we met.Thx.Ronik, Iria and his family,Adrian,Santiago,Santiago, Santiago, Raffa, Ana, Juán, Plim, Andrea, Alejandra, Sag, Guzmen,VAmp, San, Bloom, Seg, As1, Hudhens, the Taxidrivers, the Busdrivers, Powerlineshop, ContraLuz Art Hostel, the froggs, the cats and everyone i´ve forgotten

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muchas gracias y tal vez nos volvamos a ver.

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